As fresh as the day it was caught

Love Smoked is an award-winning fish smokery, based in Woodchester, near Stroud, in the heart of the Cotswolds. We source only the finest quality fish – from fully certified sustainable sources – and cold smoke it to perfection for between 24 and 36 hours, over beech wood, in our two kilns.

Once smoked, each pack is sliced by hand, giving you thick decadent slices. Then we vacuum pack it and lock in all that fresh smoked flavour.

You’ll never forget your first taste of Love Smoked and we promise to retain the quality of that first bite, always.

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Why Love Smoked loves beech

Sometimes known as the Mother of the Woods, the Beech tree is the feminine counterpart to the Kingly Oak. For many centuries, impassioned young lovers carved their names into the trunk of the beech in the hope that their love would grow with the tree.

What more fitting tree for our Loved Smoked kilns is there than the graceful beech? Both rich in colour and sweet in taste. In the same way that wine takes on the taste of the soil and its surrounding climate, our fish exudes the ice-cold freshness of the North Sea, North Atlantic and Scottish waters it comes from – and the sweetness and elegant grace of the beech.

Sustainably sourced

All of our fish comes from fully certified sustainable sources. Most of our mackerel, haddock and trout is caught by small inshore day boats that fish the North Sea and North Atlantic and only target specific species. This method of fishing produces very few, if any, discards and helps our oceans continue to thrive.

Yes, some of our fish comes from farms

As world populations continue to rise, we believe responsibly farmed, environmentally friendly fish-farms are necessary to help natural stocks flourish and recover where they have been over-fished. All our salmon comes from the most stunning freshwater lochs in Northern Ireland and the Orkneys (Scotland), where the fish are allowed to swim far more freely than standard fish farms.

Why cold smoked?

We believe that cold smoking (for far longer than normal) keeps the fish moist and succulent. In fact, many people comment on just how juicy our smoked mackerel is. Once smoked, we continue to slow roast our Roast Smoked Salmon and Roast Smoked Trout to perfection.

Award Winning

In 2014, we were awarded three Good Taste Awards stars for our Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddock and Smoked Mackerel. We are also excited to have been shortlisted as one of three finalists in the Taste of Gloucestershire Awards 2017 for ‘Best Food Product’.

About Us

Nick Dance is one of those rare finds. Happily going about his business as a salesman, it was his local fishmonger who saw something in him and persuaded him to take over the business when he retired.

Nick dismissed the idea outright… at first.

Eventually, he and his wife Bonny came around to the idea and the couple took over the business in 2010. Love Smoked launched seven years later on Valentine’s Day 2017.

As it turns out, that old fishmonger was right. Nick is a true artisan and a walking encyclopedia on fish, fishing and sustainability.

It’s this knowledge, along with his natural talent and just a wee bit of magic that has created Love Smoked – Visit our Shop and taste it for yourself.